Our friends from UK-based Mobile Fun Limited generously gave us the flagship of all the Case-Mate collection — the Barely There series case — for our Apple iTouch 5th Gen, and since we love simplicity and elegance, apparently, we were more than happy to receive and review such product. But what does this case really do? Is it merely for “beauty” purposes? Or, does it also serve as a protector for our gadget?


Last month, Mobile Fun gave us the freedom to choose any of the products available in one of their websites, Love Cases. Of course, it was a bit hard for us to pick just one among all other awesome products, but what caught our attention the most were Barely There series cases. Among the four colors colors available (black, white, pink, and orange), we picked the black one which costs £16.95 (~Php1,080).

Upon ordering, we requested to have the item shipped straight away to our address here in the Philippines for free. Fortunately, they happily agreed and in just three (working) days, they had it delivered on our doorstep via DHL Express. Yes, it didn’t take that long!

Out of our excitement, we immediately unboxed the item. Let the photos below speak for our unboxing yadas:

What makes the Barely There series standout is, despite its extremely slim profile wrapping around our iTouch 5th Gen (adding the minimum amount of bulk), it’s designed to absorb any (minimal) impacts mostly caused by dropping the device, keeping it protected all the time. It has a perfect fit in our device, too! However, for some obvious reasons, this case cannot actually protect your devices from hard drops or extreme impacts.

So, do you recommend it?

If you are fine with the fact that its protection ability is only minimal, and you are likewise after the slimness and good looks, then this case is to go for! It’s by far the sexiest iTouch 5 case we’ve ever seen!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a case that can protect your case from ANY impacts that you wouldn’t worry anymore about bringing your device anytime or anywhere, then try out G-Case Extreme Case series. You can find more cases here.

Rating: 4 / 5

The Case-Mate Barely There series cases are also available for your iPhone 4/4S (and soon for your iPhone 5).

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